King anma 킹안마 강남

Gangnam Apgujeong massage shop ‘King anma 킹안마 강남’ to gently heal accumulated fatigue in the body

Massage is attracting attention as a way to get away from fatigue and stress and enjoy a relaxing time of ‘healing’. This is because effective massage can relax muscles and relieve fatigue. In addition, massage helps to improve blood circulation, discharge waste products, and remove swelling, helping to maintain the body.

In particular, recently, it is gaining popularity as a unique dating course for couples who find it difficult to enjoy outdoor dates due to the weather. This is because you can get away from the usual dating patterns of eating, drinking tea, or watching a movie, and you can develop love through intimate massages with your lover.

In the midst of this, ‘King anma 킹안마 강남’, a massage shop located in Gangnam, is attracting attention by providing a comfortable rest with a gentle Swedish massage. ‘Swedish Massage’, which boasts of a massage in Apgujeong, Gangnam, is a traditional European-style high-end massage method that uses a soft touch with deep technique to gently release tense muscles and body.

It is also notable that herbs or oils are used. Aromatherapy, which has been spotlighted as an alternative medicine, is combined with massage to help relieve stress and balance the mind and body, as well as show excellent skin care.

‘King anma 킹안마 강남’ operates various programs such as facial care, slimming care, and body balance care by comprehensively using Swedish massage, Hawaiian massage therapy Lomi Lomi, and deep tissue massage therapy that helps to relax the muscles in the deep layers of the skin. It is popular for providing professional service at an affordable price.

‘King anma 킹안마 강남’, which provides private care with facilities such as single rooms where you can receive premium services alone, and couples rooms where you can enjoy a massage with your lover or friends, is currently two branches in Seoul, Hakdong and Apgujeong. , and reservations and inquiries can be made by phone.