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In a prospective, randomized, clinical trial, French massage group members were compared to massage purists in a series of 20 massage sessions. The study found that after the massage, participants in both the French massage and the purist group showed significant improvements in pain, as well as immune system function. In addition, measurements of subjective measures of energy sensation, as well as objective measures of energy balance, breathing, and circulation were significantly better in the French massage group compared to the purist group.

UTS is also known as heartburn, and it is very unpleasant for those who are touched by the tendrils of burning acid. It is a common, unfortunate ailment that nearly everyone has to experience at least once in their lives. It is incurable, very painful, and sometimes it is merely a nuisance. However, there is a way to diminish the horrible side effects of UTS called arsenal therapy.arrassingly, arsenal therapy has been a natural choice for treating UTS for many years. arsenal therapy aims to provide quick and lasting relief by strategically focusing on the kidneys to purge, calm, and heal the system.

There are several ingredients that work together synergistically to produce healing. Staff massage, a warm bath, and a few beautiful oils work together to produce healing in and around the kidneys. Different massage oils, for exampleInitial treatment must begin slowly and must be tapered, so that the body adjusts to the treatment ( thirsty and wanting to urinate is a definite first sign). The massage must be tapered within and aimed directly at the kidneys ( in and out for 5-7 minutes until the area is rinsed). All hands must participate in the session. In addition, you will need a comfortable position to sit, because you will be applying pressure to the kidneys and in direct contact with the tissues.

Remember, you are helping the body heal itself. Each person will have a different metabolism, chemistry, and response to treatments, so all programs must be monitored on a regular basis. If you are a Purifier or other natural healer, you will also need to study and re-check your diagnoses regularly as well. If you are experiencing chronic UTI symptoms, know that you must seek medical help to find out why you still have them. When your UTI is not addressed, you will continue to run additional, and strong aphrodisiacs.