Gangnam Fish Massage

Gangnam / Fish Massage / / Gangnam 1st place.

Welcome to our fish.

Our fish is open 24/7.

A friendly counselor is always on standby, and both individual and group guests are welcomed with open arms.

Please call me anytime for simple inquiries.

We will answer your questions.

Thank you.

Fish Massage 안마 Shop Service

01 / Valet & Pickup

02 / Sleeping room. a break room

03 / Special Service

About Introduction

Open 24/7

Waiting for a 24-hour telephone consultant

Free pickup service anywhere in Gangnam

Parking / valet parking service

Fully equipped with private/group sleeping rooms and rest rooms

Serving meals (rice meal/ramen, etc.)

a drink offer

Minimize wait time on visit after booking

For more information on the service, please call us and we will explain.

Fish Massage