Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage

Gangnam-gu Office Blue Anmaya 안마야 Welcome to The Land Anmaya 안마야.

Our Anmaya 안마야 is open 24/7.

A friendly counselor is always on hand and welcomes both individual and group guests with open arms.

Simple inquiries are welcome at any time, so please give us a call.

We will solve your questions.

Based on more than 10 years of know-how, we will surely relieve you of the stress of everyday life.

All massage products are prepared using only organic, hypoallergenic products imported from overseas so that people with various skin allergies can receive massages with confidence.

There are customers who have never been to our Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage, but there are no customers who have only come once.

We are training our staff with various event options and service minds for a high return visit, and we will strive for 100% satisfaction. We are open 24 hours, so please feel free to call us anytime.

Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage Guide

Location: 1-minute walk from Gangnam-gu Office Station Street
Hours of use: 24 hours
Number of people working: 30 people during the day, 45 people at night
Price: Various courses from 100,000 won to 200,000 won
Inquiry method: phone inquiries only
Features: We have 10 cheopbaek and other service items such as ramen, jjapaghetti, and beverages. Fully equipped lounge and shower room. Free valet parking and pickup service in Gangnam area
ACE work: Heejin, Gayeon

Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage Service

  1. Full body massage
    100% of the stress of daily life is blown away through the whole body management service from head to toe
  2. Foot massage
    The soles of the feet are distributed with reflexes to all organs of the body, and stimulation of them is said to improve internal function. We help you with meticulous care through reflexology.
  3. Partial massage (back, waist, shoulder)
    It relieves tight areas such as the back, waist, and shoulders. This service is preferred by office workers who mainly sit most of the day, and in the case of back and lower back massage, it is also effective in correcting the spine.
  4. Therapeutic manual massage
    This is a professional manual massage for athletes. We take care of problems caused by intensively consuming only one part of the body through manual massage.

Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage Column – What is Massage?

If you’ve ever tried a massage and enjoyed it, you may want to do more! Massage can improve the functioning of the body. The massage experience will promote physical health and well-being. Depending on your needs, you can use different types of massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, and other specialized massage techniques.

Body Sculpting Services: Acupressure / Reflexology. This therapeutic technique sculpts the shape and proportions of the body into anatomically generated meridians while improving overall body health. The operator uses a specially designed tool to insert meridians to increase blood flow and promote blood circulation. Gangnam Massage Other treatments include ultrasound, magnetic therapy, and acupressure.

Energy Healing: Energy healing is based on the theory that when energy, usually considered benign, can circulate through the body, it can cure disease and other ailments. It generally applies to the mind and body. A therapist who provides energy healing services is called a Reiki doctor. These techniques use crystals, light and heat to help the body balance hormones. Treatment techniques are also used to increase blood flow. Although energy healing is an alternative treatment, it has proven to be a safe, effective and non-invasive method of treating many diseases.

Body Wrap: Our experienced professionals wrap the body in cloth. This fabric will be used as a support system for the body. When used properly, the fabric is used to reduce pressure points on the body. Massage is done in this way. Among the muscles that are working are the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hands. Wrapping makes the skin comfortable and relieves tension.

Massage Therapy: The term massage therapy is sometimes used interchangeably with massage therapy. When referring to massage therapy, massage therapists usually work on the body. Its purpose is to help reduce or eliminate pain by manipulating specific points on the body. Massage therapists also stimulate the circulation of body fluids and help restore and remove toxins from the skin.

A massage therapist’s skills and knowledge can help determine what is right for each individual. In general, any type of treatment, if done correctly, can improve health and reduce stress and tension. and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Gangnam-gu Cheong The Anmaya 안마야 Gangnam-gu Office Anmaya 안마야 Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Land Location Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Cheongdam Anmaya 안마야

Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 anma can be a great place for people who have had a recent accident or experienced pain to get advice on how to improve their condition. A trained massage therapist can discuss your options and refer you to a specialist or doctor if you have any problems.

Massage is one of the most common treatments used in health care today. Many people feel that massage is relaxing and rejuvenating, but when they hear the word massage, this is what comes to mind. But a good massage is more than just relaxation.

The door to Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage is always open. Call me anytime

  1. Tenpro (old, star): Dosan Park intersection, behind Cine House (go straight into the alley next to Neulbom Park),
    The building opposite the Chinese restaurant Hyeongyeong –> Changed the company name from Star to ‘Tenpro’
  2. Suanbo: Next to SK gas station opposite Sanga Apartment at Cheongdam Station on Subway Line 7
    From Cheongdam Station Exit 6, walk straight in the direction of the exit and you will see a signboard.
  3. Ace: Exit 3 of Gangnam-gu Office Station on Subway Line 7, go straight for about 10 meters, and in the first alley on the right.
  4. Captain (Old, Sky): Behind the alley of the parking lot opposite the Renaissance Hotel in Yeoksam-dong
  5. Wheel Plus (Old, Wheel/Old, Event): Between Novotel Ambassador and Samjeong Hotel, when you go from Gangnam Kyobo Tower Intersection to Cha Hospital Intersection /
    Event –> Wheel (feel) –> Company name changed to ‘Wheel Plus (+)’
  6. Seokjeong: Gangnam Station Exit 1, behind Taegeukdang Wedding Hall –> Now moved to another location
  7. 3+S (old, Woosung): Yeoksam-dong, next to Cha Hospital Intersection, Changed company name after remodeling
  8. Paradise: The motel alley behind LG Tower in Yeoksam-dong
  9. Elysee: Behind the Bank of Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute at the intersection of Yeoksam Station
  10. Bogwang: From Renaissance Hotel to Yeoksam Station, one block up on the right of the first traffic light
  11. Zeus (old, Cheongun): behind the Renaissance Hotel –> Changed company name from Cheongun to ‘Zeus’
  12. Yumi: The building next to Cheongun Massage
  13. Theme (Old, Choice): Changed the name from Choice to Theme, across from the LG Tower at Yeoksam Station on Subway Line 2
  14. Centro (Old, Boss BOSS: Old, Silk Road/Queen): In the direction of Yeoksam-dong Renaissance Hotel Intersection diagonally (in the direction of Seolleung Station), in front of Honma Golf Shop
  15. Lexi (formerly Shampoo): opposite the Yeongdong Telephone Office behind the Renaissance Hotel –> Changed the company name to ‘Lexi’ after internal repairs
  16. Full House (old, cool): From the Renaissance Hotel intersection in Yeoksam-dong, walk 400 meters in the direction of Gyeongbok Apartments (Seongsu Bridge) and it will be on the right..
  17. Wink (old, Deok-gu): Behind the Korea Exchange Bank building on Teheran-ro, next to Sangnok Hall –> Changed the name to ‘Wink’ after internal construction
  18. Castle (former, Seongbo): At the Renaissance Hotel intersection, turn right 300M in the direction of Seolleung Station and next to Kookmin Bank
  19. Baekam: About 15M above Castle (formerly Seongbo) Anma
  20. Joa: Gangnam Kyobo Life Intersection (former Jeil Life Intersection) Behind Kyobo Life Insurance Building
  21. Bali: From Seolleung Station on Line 2, go 50m toward Renaissance Hotel and turn right –> disappear.
  22. Finkle: The 4th floor of the building opposite the intersection in front of the Amiga Hotel (Hyundai Motor Company on the 1st floor) at the intersection of the Korea Customs Service
  23. Tower: Yeoksam-dong Cha Hospital Intersection
  24. Tehran: KTF building diagonally toward Samseong Station of Seolleung Station on the subway
  25. Dragon: There is only one crossing in the middle between Seolleung Station and the POSCO Building.
    When you enter the alley, after passing Ilshin Pharmacy, it is located in the second alley on the right.
  26. Tadpole (Old City [Gangnam]): Get out of Gangnam Station Exit 7 and go straight towards Nonhyeon-dong, inside the alley next to the Asset Management Corporation
  27. Model: Nonhyeon Station Exit 1, go straight 20 meters, IBK Building Basement
  28. Skin: From Gangnam Woosung Apartment Intersection, go straight 20 meters in the direction of Yangjae Station, on the left, Dunkin Donuts Building 2nd floor
  29. Opera: Opposite the main gate of Taegeukdang wedding hall at Gangnam Station, go into the alley next to Gangnam Jinsol Bookstore and you will see it on the right.
  30. Rose: Behind SK gas station at Isu intersection
  31. Sun (Bangbae-dong): Opposite Rose
  32. Yewon (Old, Ace) : It is the building on the right when you come out of Exit 5 of Isu Station. –> Changed company name to Yewon
  33. Star (formerly, Sangsang): In front of the Piano Motel behind BC Card headquarters in Nambu Terminal –> Changed company name to ‘Star’
  34. Geumgang (old, Paris): Move 10M to the side of Sangsang Massage –> Change the company name to ‘Geumgang’
  35. Cream: Star (old, imaginary) massage within a radius of 20 meters
  36. Orange: Within a 20-meter radius of the imaginary massage
  37. Paradise: Behind BC Card Company at Nambu Terminal. price 18
  38. Claim: Opposite First Bank in the direction of Gyodae Intersection in Seocho-dong Gyodae Intersection
  39. Sense: 50 meters from Sinsa Station to Jamwon Station, underground
  40. Riverside: Riverside Hotel 3rd floor
  41. Kenzo: Across from Gangnam Star Massage, price 16
  42. Fanta: Go a little in the direction of Poi-dong from Yangjae Station and you will find it, underground. –> gone.
  43. Royal: Opposite Chungmu Church behind POSCO Building in Samseong-dong
  44. Playground (old, Cheeters): Walk a little in the direction of Seolleung from Seolleung Station Street and walk a little into the second big alley. behind the fox building
  45. Hole-in-one: in the basement opposite Gyeongbok Apartment (Airport Bus Stop No. 600)
  46. ​​Feeling (formerly, Chowon): Changed the company name from Bangbang Intersection to Nambu Terminal, and from Jungwon to Feeling
  47. Phil: Opposite Seoul High School
  48. Panorama: Newly opened in Yeoksam-dong, near Woosung Apartment Intersection, behind Skin Massage
  49. Cinderella: Vice Chancellor’s Apartment Intersection, Old) Sunflower constellation
  50. Frog: Opposite Ramada Inn Seoul Hotel (formerly New World Hotel)
  51. Heaven (Old, White): Go straight from Exit 2 of Gangnam Station, in the motel alley behind YBM Sisa English
  52. Evian: Customs Crossroad Amaga

A six-story building across from the hotel

  1. King: An alley from Tehran Anma toward Seolleung Station
  2. Rose (Samseong-dong): From the POSCO intersection, the diagonal of the POSCO Building, the alley of the Korea Exchange Bank
  3. Magic (Old, New Hyundai): Gangnam Station Woosung Apartment Intersection, on the opposite side of the street, renamed from Shin Hyundai to “Magic”
  4. Tiffany: 2nd floor of Tiffany Hotel diagonally from Gyeonggi High School
  5. Myeonggwang: Go down to Apgujeong from Anse Hospital intersection, across from English Plus Bookstore
  6. Ido: Bangbae-dong Hamjibak Intersection
  7. Hilltop: Go down to the basement of the ‘Steam Family Bath’ behind the old Hilltop
  8. Wed (秀): Exit 8 behind KEB at the intersection of Gyodae Station
  9. News (Old, OK): Hakdong Station Exit 3, in the basement of the building next to the LPG filling station
  10. Eve: Hakdong Station Exit 1, on the basement side of the alley next to the LPG filling station
  11. Apple: Go to the back of the LG Art Center (Yeoksam Station) from Teheran Boulevard in Yeoksam-dong and the alley in front
  12. SUN: Behind Samsung SDS Multi-Campus in Yeoksam-dong
  13. Sun: Located on the right side of the one-way street from the alley next to Ramada Renaissance in Gangnam. It is said that the owner is the same as “Sun” at Yeoksam Station.
  14. Emperor: Yeoksam-dong, the building next to Paradise Massage
  15. Seven (Old, Piano/Old, The One/Old, Yonggung): Opposite the Customs Office Intersection (towards YWCA), go straight through Exit 1 of Hakdong Station
  16. Baeksong: If you enter the massage alley next to the Renaissance Hotel, go further from Bogwangjang and enter the Apple Massage Alley.
  17. Mirage (Old, Oscar): Exit 4 of Samseong Station (Glass Tower) and go straight into the alley next to the signboard.
  18. Joy Cool (old, Jangsu): Coex intersection Hyundai I Park side towards Seoul Medical Center
  19. Kings: Opposite Wheel Massage next to Novotel
  20. Cannes: 3rd floor of Cheongdam Bokjip building next to Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong
  21. Finkle (Bangbae-dong): Next to the gas station diagonally from the BMW store at Hamjibak Intersection
  22. Psy: Next to Ace Massage at the intersection of Gangnam-gu Office Station in Nonhyeon-dong
  23. Sugar (old, green): The entrance to the Bangbae-dong cafe alley. When you enter from the Isu intersection, you will see a white sign at first.
  24. Nabi: After Captain Massage in Yeoksam-dong
  25. Juliet: Old Shinsa Hotel next to Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong
  26. Bali: Gangnam Station, between Kukkiwon and Gu, the Cotton Wedding Hall
  27. Mong: near Yongan-ma, Seolleung Station
  28. Komodo: Behind Adidas headquarters at three-way intersection at Gyodae entrance
  29. Lemon: In the first alley near Nambu Terminal 14 (?)

For more information and reviews, Get recommended counseling from Gangnam Massage Analyst Night Angel.

Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage Contact
Gangnam-gu Office Station Street, Samsung 2-dong, Seoul
010-3953-6828 – Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Gangnam Anmaya 안마야 Massage is operated by reservation system.
If you make a reservation according to your desired time
massage for customers
We provide the best service with meticulous preparation!
From single rooms to couples rooms to multi-person rooms.
To protect your personal privacy
It has the advantage that you can receive it comfortably!
Anmaya 안마야 Massage is a customer-oriented massage.
Because it does not cause burden or discomfort
A feeling of healing for the body and mind
It can be said that it is the best space~^^
Please make a reservation easily and contact us before coming.

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