AHC Spa Wins Main Award at iF Design Awards 2022 in Germany

AHC Spa announced on the 15th that it won the “Winner” in the interior design category at the world’s most prestigious “iF Design Award 2022.” AHC Spa, operated by professional aesthetic brand AHC, is located at Dosan Intersection in Gangnam, Seoul.

according to the manufacturer The iF Design Awards, along with the IDEA of the United States and the Red Dot Design Awards of Germany, are one of the world’s top three most reliable design awards, and have a long history since 1953. At the award, a 132-member panel of experts from each country reviewed about 11,000 entries from 57 countries.

Each year, the winners are selected through strict screening criteria such as ideas, differentiation, and influence in each category, such as products, packages, and interior, and awarded by “International Forum Design,” a German marketing consulting company.

An AHC Spa official said, “Under the theme of ‘Waterful Desert’, an interior design reminiscent of Oasis, a healing island that meets in the middle of the desert, and an esthetic spa optimized for modern people’s city lifestyles were selected as a main award winner.”

According to the company, the motif of deserts, water, caves, and forests was applied to the interior under the theme of “Waterful Desert,” reminiscent of a cool and clear atmosphere. The various plants and colored sand seen from the entrance of the store provide an exotic feeling, and the water table, which displays representative products of AHC, embodies the wavelength of water that shakes when light and water meet, delivering an oasis-like glow and moist feeling. If you follow the acrylic louver and the subtle curved wall, you can meet your own signature spa room found on Healing Island at the end of the corridor, and the inside and outside of the spa (www.montynews.com) are connected by a calm flow of water like an oasis.

In addition, subtropical plants seen in the desert, bricks containing desert colors, sunlight pouring through large windows, and clear water that makes you feel relaxed, giving you an amazing and enjoyable experience as if you were traveling to an exotic resort during a busy day, the company said.

An AHC Spa official said, “Based on the brand philosophy of Professional Aesthetic Care, it is a space where you can receive special spa care with delicate touches of professional aesthetic in the middle of the city.”

He added, “The biggest feature is that we are proposing a new spa culture that considers the lifestyle of modern people through aesthetic care (City Spa), which allows office workers who lack time due to their busy city life to experience it easily in a relax chair.”

Meanwhile, all programs of the spa are conducted with AHC products, and can be applied free of charge through the AHC official online mall membership.